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Privacy Policy

Payments. Paying online with a bank card

We accept the following cards:

•      VISA International
•      MasterCard

All credit card transactions are performed with the help of Internet Payment Service Provider ChronoPay which meets the highest security standards as required by the major credit card organizations. During payment transaction ChronoPay receives your credit card data. Then via SSL that provide communication security over the Internet, ChronoPay authentication server receives the data. The data are coded. ChronoPay supports the 3-D Secure programs Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode. All credit card transactions are performed subject to the requirements of VISA International, MasterCard and other payment systems. The activity of ChronoPay complies with the current version of Federal Law “On Personal Data”. Processing of personal data of the payers is effected exclusively jn the territory of Russian Federation. ChronoPay has PCI-DSS certification and SA HackerSafe certification. According to the standards of international payment systems your credit card data are kept neither in online store nor on ChronoPay authentication server.

Verifyed By VisaMasterCard SecureCode

Delivery of product/goods
International shipping is carried out by airmail. Delivery time varies from country to country, with an average of 2-4 weeks.
For order processing takes an average of 1-2 days. Shipping cost depends on the weight of the package:
100 grams - $ 6
250 grams - $ 8
500 grams - $ 11
1000 grams - $ 17
up to 2000 grams - $ 28

Shipping parcels more than 2000 grams is calculated individually in each country.


Returning the product/goods


Any product can be returned to us within 14 days of receipt. Provided that the product has not been damaged, and the packaging is stored.

After we receive the return item we will refund your money less the value of the shipment.
If the item is damaged or you have identified marriage - we will exchange your product or refund your money upon return, inclusive of all costs (including shipping)

1. Definition

Internet website (further – “we”) is serious about protecting the information of its visitors and customers of (further – “you”, “site visitors”)(confidentiality). Personal information is any information which can be used to identify a user (such as name/surname, login, or company name) of a website, as well as information regarding the activity done on the website (for example, and order from a website customer with their contact information). Anonymous information is information which cannot be used to identify a specific user of the website (for example, the statistics on website visits).

2. Usage of information

We use personal information of a specific user solely to present them with the best quality of service and for statistical purposes. We do not give out or share personal information of users of the website with other users of the website. We will never make available personal information to others in free access, will never sell it, and will never give it to a third party. The only exceptions are situations where the provision of such information is authorized by public authorities prescribed by the current legislation of the Russian Federation. We publish and share reports based on anonymous information only. These reports will never have information, which can be used to identify a specific user. We also use anonymous information for internal analysis, to improve the quality of service and goods for URL.

3. Links

Website can have links to other websites, which are not associated with our company and which belong to a third party. We do not bear any responsibility for the quality of information, the truthfulness of information listed by third parties’ websites, and do not undertake any obligation to maintain the confidentiality of information submitted by you to such sites.

4. Liability limitation

We make every effort to comply with this privacy policy; however, we cannot guarantee the security of information in case of factors beyond our control, which may influence our operations that may result in disclosure of your data. Website and all information published on that website is listed as-is without any guarantees. We do not bear responsibility for any losses due to limited access to URL website, or by accessing the website and using the information published on the website.

5. Contacts

If you have any question regarding our policies, please contact us at

Legal Entity
Vasiliy Miroshnichenko
INN 616800431049
BIN 315619600058058
Rostov-on-Don, Russian Federation
phone number:  +79289097935
Account number - 40802810070310000131
Corr. account - 30101810000000000340
Bank - Moscow Branch of OAO KB "REGIONAL CREDIT" Moscow

BIC - 044583340